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I'm new. And I have a question. :) [Nov. 22nd, 2007|01:54 am]
The Fishie Files


My name is Marlana and I'm 18. This is my first post! I have only one tank that I have kept for about two years now. I had two Black Moors that recently passed away.

Now, my question: I saw an adorable fish in the pet section at WalMart. I don't plan to buy my fish at WalMart, but I saw an adorable little group of fish that I would love to put in my aquarium. No one working in the pet section was around to help, so I figured you all might know.

It's hard to describe what the fish looked like, but I'll try. They were round and "fat", almost like little circles. They had a dark pattern on their light colored bodies - I called it a leopard pattern. The tank that was holding these fish was the only one not labeled. The only label nearby read "Green Potter". I tried Google and got no answers!

Thanks in advance!