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Pacu Problems [Oct. 29th, 2006|11:54 pm]
The Fishie Files


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I bought a tank recently. 6 foot 6 inches by 2 foot by 2 foot at a killer deal of When I arrived to view the "few fish" I found two 15 inch pacu and an assortment of others (4 various cats ranging from 6-8 inches, one 12 inch cat, one 12 inch dino fish, 3 pangasius (the smallest 8 inches - the largest 12), three 8 inch plecs and a 5-6 inch oscar) I think thats it anyway. So I have the plecs and 4 smaller cats in a 3 foot holding tank, and the Pacu in the 6'6" the rest my mate took home for his 6 footer. The pacu were put in a plastic barrel, where they were for at least two hours, with a pump, but where upside down, though breathing, by the time we got the tank home and with enough water in it, they are now swimming fine, but my hand went tingly so we almost went to A&E before I realized it was only tingly in the water and the fish we're freaking cause the oscar ate the heater cable and we were all getting shocked. Long story short, they seem fine but haven't eaten any thing yet, though have been in the tank less then two hours. I got this tank for my gold fish, but they are growing on me. The cats and plecs will go back in tomorrow, and I am seriously thinking of keeping them as there has been a pacu of their size at the local fish shop as long as I have been here (3 years) and they can't get rid of him, and there are always ads trying to off load them. So I figure they have no where to go, and I do have the tank for them... but how do I look after them? I have no heaters at the moment and everywhere is shut, though the tank is at 80 still and seems to be holding, so not to worries about the temps, just worried that I am going to kill the poor things! So, I kinda want to find them good homes, but I kinda think ours could be a good home. I am a bit lost and not sure what to do. I think Pacu may be way over my head, I breed Endlers and they are way WAY smaller, goldfish at 8 inch is the largest fish I have ever owned. Advice? Help?


[User Picture]From: pygmyangel
2007-01-10 04:56 pm (UTC)

Pacu Probs

I've never actually kept these Pacu's myself but i've worked in the aquatics trade for a while and have known a few people who have kept them. Apart form the size issues, Pacu's are not difficult to keep. Neutral to slightly acidic water is best with efficient filters. The water temperature should hold for a while but I would get a couple of heaters with heater guards in asap. Ultimately, these fish are going to get BIG depending on what species they are, possibly up to 30inches/75cm in length. You're going to need at least an 8ft tank with some BIG filters. In the short term, they are primarily veggie and in addition to some appropriatly sized pellets will appreciate some soft fruits and veg.
I would also consider finding other homes for some of the other fish as pacus can become aggressive, causing serious injuries with thier powerful jaws. Usually the only things that can safely be kept with them when adult are armoured catfish. Hope this helps.
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[User Picture]From: thefishiefiles
2007-04-08 12:02 am (UTC)

Re: Pacu Probs

I've moved all the other fish, housed the heaters in drilled PVC pipe, and bought 2 fluval FX5s. Working on finding a home for the pacu, but no luck so far :)

thanks so much! sorry for the late reply, my mail account filtered out my reply notifications!
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