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[Apr. 10th, 2007|11:35 am]
The Fishie Files


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Name: Lacey
     Age: 22
      Sex: F
      Years Keeping Fish:  About 2 months
      Number of Tanks: 1
      Number of Fish:  11
      Favorite Fish: Bumble Bee Golby
      Favorite Species of Fish: Guppies 

Breeding Fish - Please include the following.
      Type of fish: Guppies
      Tank Size: 20 gallon
      Filter: Whisper 30
      Heater: whatever came with the tank
      Substrate: rock
      Plants: none
      Decor: silk plant swim through, chonch shell, plastic coral
      Temp: 80 degrees


I decided that I wanted little Guppy babies, so I went off to the pet store and purchased 4 females. I was hoping they would make my two males very happy.  At least 3 of them are expecting and I think so is the fourth. Two of those four look as if they might explode. I did some research online & say that I should get a fish hatchery. I went to my local pet store, bought the one with the fry trap to keep the little buggers safe from mom. I placed the two females that I'm expecting to go first into the hatchery, but I don't want to stress them into aborting their litters. How can I be sure that they are ready to be placed into the hatchery? I read that the gestation cycle is about 28-40 days. If I don't know how long they were expecting for before I bought them, how I can I begin to guess about a possible birthday?? Also read something about a black dot around the anal fin or something, but none of mine have that; but again, look like they might explode. 

please help me before I kill my little fishy babies!!

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[User Picture]From: heartmyclover
2007-04-24 11:53 pm (UTC)
thanks for the reply, but I had a massive tank die off about a week ago. I've got 1 non pregnant female guppy & a platty left.
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-07-10 10:23 pm (UTC)

tank die off

about this die off you are talking about was it fast within a day because I think I have had some of the worst and weirdest die offs I have ever heard of. In the second most resent one almost all my baby female guppies(all but one in twenty) died (including their two mothers)but about all the males survived (the ones that did most likely did because they were weak) this was in December 06 the last ones were born in middle of September four have died since. the legacy lives on though through two female guppies I got only one had babies last month and this month. I myself have wondered what has caused my die offs one killed baby guppies in 1 minute this happened twice the first time they were crowded and it killed two zebra danios and a female dwarf gourami with the baby guppies. ALL FISH THAT CAME IN CONTACT WITH THAT DISEASE WERE KILLED 100% MORTALITY RATE!!!! I put the baby guppies with the other fish ii changed their tanks and they still died I want to know what that disease WAS. I asked my local pet store and they couldn't say what it was.
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[User Picture]From: rootie_kazootie
2007-07-14 01:41 am (UTC)

Re: tank die off

If any fish eats the dead fish's body, it will get the disease. The best thing to do is pull the sick fish (they usually start swimming weird, or bloating quickly) and throw them in the freezer.
If you have spotted a female with symptoms, pull her, freeze her and then do a 75% water change twice that week, and then once the following week.
25% water changes, every week, will stop all disease from getting started.
Even rot and ich can be controlled and stopped with 75% water changes. Just make sure the water temperature doesn't stress the fish, and make sure if you are using tap water, that it is treated for chlorine.
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[User Picture]From: rootie_kazootie
2007-07-14 01:26 am (UTC)
I just joined, and your post is the first one I've read!
I think I can answer your question.
The dark spot around the anal area (gavid spot) is not a sign of impending birth.
A gold guppy will not have a dark spot, but an almost pink or red spot.
I always know when my females are ready to give birth when the abdomen area just below, and just behind the gills grows to a right angle, or 45 degrees to the fishes head. This doesn't mean she will get rid of all of them. I've had one female take days to have all her babies, and others take minutes.
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