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Oscar Issues [Jan. 28th, 2007|01:04 pm]
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So, when I moved to the UK I went to a fish shop, they had an oscar, he always sulks. Sulks when not fed, sulks when fed, sulks when new fish arive, sulks when fish leave, sulks if you don't wave at him! I hated him instantly, ugly moody fish. Eventually he vanished, I figured he sulked himself to death, but the display tank was nicer without him laying on the bottom or swimming sideways. About a year later, I saw a very large tank that I was desperate to get for my goldfish. A lovely 78x24x24 inch. So, I got it at a steal, £200! Hoods, filters, and.. fish. I got it for my goldfish, but when I arrived to collect instead of having sold the fish off he boxed them up for me to take home!!! So I ended up with 2 large pacu, 3 pangasius, 1 large catfish of some sort, 3 plec, 3 smaller cats, 1 bichir, 1 mystery goby looking thing (has a sucker mouth so not a goby, just has the same shape) and the sulking Oscar. I don't "do" oscars, so he, the big catfish, 3 pangasius and the bichir  went to live with my mate who helped me move it as he has a tank of around the same size (3-6 inches shorter all the way around if I remember right 72x18x18 inch I think) Over time the oscar came back with the bichir because the bichir wasn't happy and the oscar was to big to go with his smaller one. As I added weather loaches and goldfish to the pacu tank, they lived in a 4 foot tank, then there was some disaster and the goldfish went to live in a pond at my father in laws (my favorite breeder either died and was eaten by the pacu, or the pacu ate her, but I figure if they ate one they would eat all and the rest are fine, so I bet she died then was eaten - anyway, the goldfish moved out until the pacu go to the public aquarium - they are on the waiting list lol) So the oscar is back in the big tank with the 2 pacu and another pacu I got offloaded on me, the bichir, 3 cats, Mr. E the Fish, and the 3 plecs.

He is still a sulky moody sod. The question is - How can I make him happy? Should he go in a tank of his own? Tank with other oscars? This poor thing has been bounced around so much I feel bad for him. The new pacu has decided after 3 months that he doesn't like the first two after all, and has been going at them, the oscar gets caught up in the middle but holds his own and headbutts the problem pacu, but how has a few notches in his fins, one has a hole. Water quality is spot on, and I have added some stress coat and am on a fungus and infection watch. Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance! I am new to oscars, I don't like him, he doesn't like me, but I am starting to kinda love him if that makes since. Like a bratty kid who is never happy, but I can kinda see why. He has had a rough few months lol

I KNOW the tank is over stocked. The Pacu are on the waiting list for the Blue Planet Aquarium in Liverpool. The water quality is spot on (everything near 0 - not exact colour as 0 but not the next one up either) and the tank is filtered by 2 Fuvel FXs, everyone has room to swim which is better then they had before being dropped on my door step. I can move him to a 4 foot tank for a week or so until someone comes to collect it, then I will only have a 3 foot tank until I get a new 4 foot or move fish around to free up the other 4 foot. Any ideas?